Collin McRae's DiRT 3!

Written by ShootBlood on Monday, 09 August 2010 22:13.


Collin McRae's DiRT 3!


Collin McRae's DiRT 3 has finally been announced, which pleasures alot of gamers.

The game has been announced by a a screenshot where you could the DiRT rally car with the logo of DiRT3 on it's front.

Later has a trailer been released, which was all about the different areas and the different weather types.The environments have been improved alot. The graphics look totally amazing, the sounds are very clear and realistic. There will be alot of new challenges, races, trophies/achievements and alot of new cars to battle and win! But there's more! The game will also be availabe in 3D ! This means that the game will support Full-HD-3D-Gaming!

The game comes out in 2011, probably Q1 2011 and will be released on the Playstation® 3, Xbox360, PC, PSP and Wii(?).


Below some screenshots taken from the game:

First DiRT 3 image is here, trailer coming this weekend photo

DIRT 3 in-game photo


For more info, stay tuned on IG-Company!

We'll update NEW* News, Images and Videos and more.. about this, and many many other games and cases!


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Uncharted 3

Written by ShootBlood on Friday, 09 July 2010 21:10.

This is not a direct announcement of Uncharted 3, but it comes close. Jan Meijroos, the most famous game journalist of the Netherlands, walked through the corridors of the Sony press conference and heard something quite remarkable... (Click the "Read More" button!)

Fallout 4 !

Written by ShootBlood on Sunday, 04 July 2010 20:35.

Fallout 4:

(PS3, Xbox360 and PC - 2011 / 2012)


Caesar’s Legion is a powerful and merciless slaving organization, led by the charismatic and cunning Caesar. The legionnaires are a well-organized fighting force that mainly operate east of the Grand Canyon. The Legion is comprised mostly of reconditioned tribals and their young offspring. The Legion's standard is a black bull on a red background with the description "Legio X".


Call of Duty Black OPS Release date + New images !

Written by ShootBlood on Friday, 18 June 2010 17:46.

Call of Duty: Black OPS

By ShootBlood

Call of Duty: Black OPS is set to be 2010's best First Person Shooter game, delivering you the most intense Singleplayer and Multiplayer experience like you've never experienced it before.

cod7_1U.S. Soldier on mission in the jungle

The publishers said that they were looking for a Vietnam War-era tune, as well as Cuban, African and Soviet-Union music. On the E3, which was between 15-17th of June, people could see some stage-live-gameplay! This year's E3 was only for the press. There will be tons of new classes, perks, new modes and of course, new weapons such as a crossbow with three kinds of different ammunition (grenades, bolts? and ...).


cod7_3On mission


"The game is already in production" as we've heard from some of the insiders.


cod7_4Treyarch makes the game


The game will offer you much more then Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2?! That sounds like a challenge alot of Call of Duty, and FPS fans would only dream of. Well your dreams might just come true! The game will be released on the 10th of November, 2010 for Playstation® 3, Xbox360 and PC.


cod7_2On Mission/Patrol


cod7_5The Crossbow



cod7_6Motion Capturing


cod7_7 This is how the gamecase wil probably look like


I'll be releasing more information, images and videos about Call of Duty: Black OPS soon! Stay tuned and check out every day!

Multiplayer beta of Medal of Honor start on juni 21

Written by Blackjack on Tuesday, 15 June 2010 20:48.

It has confirmed that the multiplayer beta of medal of honor will come on juni 21, much earlier then we thought.

Medal of honor beta

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