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Fallout 4:

(PS3, Xbox360 and PC - 2011 / 2012)


Caesar’s Legion is a powerful and merciless slaving organization, led by the charismatic and cunning Caesar. The legionnaires are a well-organized fighting force that mainly operate east of the Grand Canyon. The Legion is comprised mostly of reconditioned tribals and their young offspring. The Legion's standard is a black bull on a red background with the description "Legio X".




In 2238 mormon missionary Joshua Graham encountered two Followers of the Apocalypse in the Grand Canyon. One of them later established the Legion and became its Caesar, with Graham as his right-hand man.

The Legion rose to power during the reign of the Twisted Hair, one of the most domineering tribes in the wasteland that regularly raided neighboring tribes for food, supplies, and slaves. The Legion taught the tribes to fight back and the Twisted Hairs were soon driven from their lands. Weakened and on the retreat, the Twisted Hairs were set upon by the Legion and destroyed. No one was spared, but one woman managed to escape. The only survivor of this massacre later became the tribal "goddess" Hecate.

Growing power

Between the years of 2238 and 2241, the first tribute of slaves was given to Caesar by the Blackfoot tribe. In year 2249, a lucrative slave trade was established between Caesar's Legion, the Blackfoot tribe, and ghouls in the Reservation; from then onward, the Legion acquired wide access to the weapons, ammunition and armor produced there.

War with NCR

With his power growing in the early 2250's, Caesar attempted to destroy the New California Republic's presence in the east, and succeeded in destroying Fort Aradesh, NCR's heavily fortified outpost located east of the Grand Canyon. It was the NCR's first major loss, which caused Hoover Dam's NCR governor to fear Caesar; it also gave Caesar the confidence to push forward all the way to Hoover Dam. The next stronghold controlled by NCR on the east was Hoover Dam, but when Caesar attempted to take it, his Legion was badly defeated. Since that time, Caesar has moved east of Texas, past the legendary cyclones that rage for most months of the year. Packs of his legionnaires were left behind and still operated in the SouthWest, collecting tribute from tribes in the form of goods and slaves.

New Vegas

By 2280, Caesar's Legion has reestablished its power in the West, and has taken over much of New Vegas, while the NCR controls the McCarran Airport and the area which contains Lucky 38 and Vault 21 which is powered by the Hoover Dam&nbsp.


The Legion had specific titles and/or ranks. Known ranks were:

  • Legionnaire or Soldier - simple slaver in Legion ranks, who were arranged into squads or packs,
  • Vexillarius - the only appearance was a pack leader,
  • Centurion - the only appearance was Caius Druscus. Centurions oversaw Vexilla,

The commander-in-chief of the Legion was Caesar. Caesar's right hand man was initially Joshua Graham. Outside of the Legion, ranks were subjugated and allied tribes as well as some cooperating freelance slavers.

  • In New Vegas, the rankings are different- Two known ranks are Explorer, and Recruit.


Shotguns - a simple, accurate weapon suitable for reconditioned recent tribals, the legionaries that appeared in the Reservation were probably armed with it and other possible examples of shotguns were: ordinary double-barreled shotguns, used by slaver master Metzger from Den, a pump-action shotgun used against legionnaires and a sawed-off shotgun, appeared among Van Buren demo sprites,Mimicking the ancient traditions of the Roman Empire, the legionnaires dressed in segmented football pad armor and decorated football helmets. Caesar's Legion had access to firearms, ammunition, leather and Metal Armors produced by the Reservation. Appeared and mentioned pieces of equipment used by legionaries were:

  • Hunting Rifles - decent quasi-sniper weapon used by slavers during slave raids from The Den,
  • Assault Rifles - possible to purchase in the Reservation, probably used by legionaries appeared there,
  • heavy environmental suits, worn by legionaries in the Reservation,
  • at least some equivalent of Leather Armor,
  • a dog repellent, sprayed by legionnaires around their camp in Denver,
  • There were possibly some other small arms, like a big .45 handgun carried by Caius Drusus,
  • Strange chariot concept art can be source of speculations concerning its use and its background, e.g. other possible self propelled vehicles or presence of hippodrome at the Legion headquarter. It is not mentioned at Van Buren design documents however.

Relations with other organizations

Caesar’s Legion is a truly brutal group, hostile towards many factions present in the south-west.

  • Caesar's Legion has open hostilities with the NCR and the NCR Rangers over the issue of slavery. The Followers of the Apocalypse are touchy about their connection with the Legion, because Caesar was formerly a Follower.
  • Legionaries don't hesitate to enslave or kill Mormons, despite the fact that most tribals and other organizations leave them alone, knowing that they often voluntarily give medical assistance or other aid. Mormons are ashamed that from their ranks came Joshua Graham, one of the Legion's founders.
  • The Daughters of Hecate reserved a special hatred for Caesar’s Legion, because Caesar's Legion had destroyed Hecate's original tribe - Twisted Hair. The Legion should have hostile relationships with the Vipers, too.
  • The Blackfoot tribe is tributary to Caesar. Most of the Blackfoots fear the power of Hecate and her Daughters, but unlike Caesar, they see being under the influence of Hecate as a necessary evil, since she has "proven" time and again that she controls the tribe's fertility. During Van Buren's development, the Hangdogs were merged with the Blackfoots. It was planned for the Hangdogs to promise to deliver Blackjack to Caesar's Legion and they would be severely punished if this promise wasn't fulfilled. According to leaks, the Hangdogs were planned to be in league with Hecate.
  • Other tribes were probably neutral or absent, like the Jackals or Scaven Pickers, or were potential victims, like the Ciphers and Twin Mothers.

Game plot:

October 2253

During Van Buren gameplay the Legion presence finally was planned in:

  • Denver, at temporarily transit camp prepared for the slave transport on the way to the east; it seems, that Vexillarius Terrence, Caesar's Legion official in Denver, was planned to be important Caesar's representative on the southwest, known as Caesar's Legion agent,
  • the Reservation, where some slaves were being sold,
  • Fort Abandon - however in Van Buren's first vision it was planned to be the NCR rundown fort,
  • Hostile random encounters.

Both packs of Legionaries took slaves from somewhere on the southwest. Some of these slaves could’ve been taken from Blackfoot tribe. Some – from the freelance slavers. It seems there was no serious demand on slaves on the southwest. In fact only the Reservation was interested in some significant shipments. Blackfoots sold some slaves to other tribes also, but the only other known tribe dealing with slavery was Hecate's people. So a significant part of caught slaves were exported once the year to the east, by Denver camp.The Legion's packs' presence in Denver and in the Reservation wasn't permanent - Denver was visited once a year and the Reservation was visited once a month. Except one planned event (appeared as effects of Handogs punishment, when Blackjack wasn't delivered) there was no Legion members presence at Blackfoot village. It seems that two packs of Legionaries, some freelance slavers and allied Blackfoot tribe was enough, or had to be enough, to secure Caesar's business on the southwest. Caesar and accompanying him part of his Legion should have some base, abandoned probably while the Legion moved to the east. The only known the NCR military action against Caesar's Legion at Van Buren plot was take over Fort Abandon. It was planned to do by the NCR army renegades accompanying Dr. Presper. There is no information about any the NCR retaliation actions after failed attack on Hoover Dam.


To Be Continued...!


-By ShootBlood

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