Hitman 6: Damnation

Written by igcompany on 26 November 2012.

So we just finished the game (interesting ending by the way, we kinda got where we started) and the ending makes us think about the future Hitman game and his future adventures. This is without a doubt the best Hitman game yet and in my opinion the best game of 2012.

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For all of you Hitman fans out there that are waiting for the next Hitman game you should know that it exists. A few weeks before Hitman 5 (Absolution) was released, the second book for the Hitman series has been released. As you can see in the picture, it says 'Official prequel to Hitman Absolution'. So the storyline already exists and if you love reading you might find out what's happening in the next game in advance by reading the book. Of course we love playing games so we will still wait to control Agent 47.

Hitman 6 Damnation

The book has been released on October 30th 2012 in North America and it will be released in other countries as well. Seems like the Hitman franchise is doing well. In the book the action takes place somewhere between Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman Absolution. Agent 47 will meet his old mentor, Father Vittorio. So if Hitman 6 will follow the storyline from the book we might have a Hitman 7 as well, which will clear out what happened after the ending in Absolution.

Release date? Well we might have to wait at least two more years until Hitman 6 but after waiting more than 6 years for Hitman Absolution i must say i'm impressed by the final result. Good job Square Enix! 

igcent.com getting it right again!

November 28th:

Later Edit: Yes, we were once again right. Two days after the publishing of this article, Square Enix Montreal confirmed that they are already working on the game (Hitman 6) and posted two official concept arts. So these are the first official news about Hitman 6.

Here are the two official concept arts for Hitman 6:

Hitman 6 Concept Art 1

Hitman 6 Concept Art 2

I just hope they will not make it similar to Hitman Absolution and will be a brand new game. I hope they will not just copy most of Absolution since they started working on Hitman 6 so soon.

Have you enjoyed Hitman Absolution?

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it ws awesme man ,m watin fr hitman 6


it was a mind blowing game...waitin 4 next prequel...>>>>

  1.    shroffy

ya bro....




this game is not like the original hitman we all have played for last 4 hitman games they ruined the series with this awful game by introducing stupid lame things my opinion hitman blood money by far exceeds this rubbish!, worst game in the series!

  1.    Johnnynope

there are no words for that what you just said


great game series
waiting for next hitman


I love the Hitman series...
Of course it's hard to make a storyline that far, just look at Fast & Furious, it's no longer about cars, it's about action only.
But i'll say Hitman: Absolution was the best game in the series...
& i hate to read...

I love the Hitman series...
Of course it's hard to make a storyline that far, just look at Fast & Furious, it's no longer about cars, it's about action only.
But i'll say Hitman: Absolution was the best game in the series...
& i hate to read books btw, so i'm gonna read some reviews of what people said about the book and hope for a mind blowing adventure when/if Hitman: Damnation comes out as a game...
If they should end it all with a really good ending it should be something about another assassin known as 'X' or something, who agreed to take the contract with 47's name on it.
In the end they will both be wounded, 47 get's killed and 'X' bleeds to death.
So, like his got the rival but the storyline have been taking people through emotions and all that so we're saying 'THAT WAS THE BEST ENDING SOMEONE COULD EVER COME UP WITH!'
Like Far Cry 3, BEST STORYLINE in a game, EVER and a awesome ending!
He doesen't die, but choose to kill his friends/Kills citra and gets off the Island!

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