Confirmed: The next NFS will be named Most Wanted

Written by igcompany on Friday, 01 June 2012 17:02.

It's official. This has been announced just a few minutes ago. EA finally got it that the fans of this series don't really like the legal racing games so they are finally getting back to the old game that blasted the success for EA's racing games: Most Wanted. But wait ... why is EA getting back to the old names?

This tells me that they are out of inspiration even for names. The name should be the first thing that should tell you if a game is any good.

NFS: Most Wanted will be developed by Criterion and in my opinion will be a mix between the old Most Wanted and 2012 graphics. I'm disappointed that the developers just can't find the good way for this series. After they tested the market with legal racing games like Pro Street and Shift now they are getting back to the old ideea of illegal racing but can't even give the new NFS a brand new name.

The conference about the upcoming NFS will be live at E3 on june 4th. We will bring you updates from that event but until then here is the first official screenshot:

NFS Most Wanted 2012

What's your opinion regarding the 'new' name for the upcoming Need for Speed?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013: E3 Presentation Video

Written by igcompany on Friday, 01 June 2012 07:12.

With just 5 days until E3 2012 Konami released a pre E3 video for the fans of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. In this video you can see several interviews and feature presentation. As i stated in our pervious article Konami seems that is switching the gears down instead of switching them up and i kind of keeping my opinion even now after i have seen the presentation video. They need to come up with something more better than this to compete with EA's FIFA.

I hope the final version of PES 2013 will be looking a lot better and that we will have some great news from E3. During E3 we will compare these two serieses as we are getting the updates.

Here is the E3 Presentation Video for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013:

PES 2013: Is Konami going to let us down?

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 31 May 2012 18:13.

With just a few days until E3, Konami announced a pre E3 video to be released tomorrow. After we exclusively presented you the first PES 2013 Screenshots Konami posted a picture to announce the before E3 video. This one seems to be much 'real' and it pretty much seems with PES 2012. Until now Konami was the single company that was competing against EA and was bringing new features every year. It seems that now Konami is bringing the rhythm down and EA is getting the lead by far with it's new innovations (good or bad and now i'm thinking about the buggy Player Impact Engine, a technology that if it's going to be perfected will be making the FIFA series even better).

Of course from both companies we hear every year that new technologies will be introduced, new tactics, etc. but hardly some of them are true. PES is a cool game to play because it's a simulator and the way the players are moving is way closer to reality than FIFA. But that's kind of all. Very little licences, the only chapter where Konami managed to take EA's face is the licence for the UEFA Champions League and i have to say that they made a big hit with that.

Still Konami is struggling hard to bring new licensed teams in the game every year but the rhythm they are doing it is pretty low like i said and Konami needs to switch gears in order to do a good game and not to dissapoint the fans with the 'same game every year' effect. Also Konami will need a lot more in order to compete with EA.

PES 2013 Pre E3 Video Announcement Screenshot

Hitman: Absolution is getting closer to it's release. The first gameplay trailer is out

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 06 May 2012 13:50.

It seems that IO Interactive is shifting gears to get Hitman: Absolution closer to the release. After we've got several screenshots getting us even more hyped up, the developers of Hitman: Absolution decided to finally release the first gameplay trailer. Let's take a look at the trailer and then make a little preview of Hitman Absolution and figure out when it will come out.

Hitman: Absolution Gameplay Trailer

Hitman: Absolution Preview

The first rumours started to come out about three years ago (if we are not counting those that come out right after the release of Hitman: Blood Money). Since the screenshots and the official updates started to come out about a year ago we may be close to the release. Based on the latest updates we may see an official release date at E3 and this may be set around summer or fall.

The gameplay trailer is no fake as we are used to see from other gaming companies. The trailer features original gameplay sets. Hitman: Absolution is created by using IO INTERACTIVE'S new proprietary GLACIER 2™ technology. The game will be the most complex in the entire franchise as it features tens of takedown moves. Even if we are used to complete the mission by getting disguised and playing at least a half an hour we may be needed to make more than that in Hitman: Absolution to successfuly complete a mission. Not to mention of getting a perfect mission and getting all the extra rewards.

LE: They just announced that a major announcement is coming up on may 10th. This could be the release date announcement and the platforms that this game will come out on.

More updates to come out soon so make sure you stay tuned on and sign up to be the first that finds out about them.

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Black Ops 2 Reveal Trailer - The story to be set in 2025

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 03 May 2012 15:18.

We once again got the right name for an upcoming game before it's official announcement. Black Ops 2 will be the next game in the Call of Duty franchise. But as not many would have expected the game will be set somewhere in the future, around the year 2025 mainly in Los Angeles as presented in the trailer.

A little bit about the Black Ops 2 Trailer

The guy that talks in the video is an older version of the main character in Black Ops I, Woods. And as he says: 'They always need man like us ... those willing to do what others cannot.'

So we may control the same character as in Black Ops I. Most of the comments around internet are about the time when the game is set. Is strange to make a sequel that happenes decades later. It's odd to play the first Black Ops set in the 60s and then play Black Ops II set in 2025. This is something that i didn't wished. Call of Duty is becoming something like Crysis. Play against bots and all that. Is this the time for other franchises to shine? Battlefield and maybe Crysis?

The graphics don't seem to be pretty much evolved, maybe they worked a little bit at the facial recognition system. As most of the players are saying: 'Almost the same game every year.' Is Activision adopting EA's strategy with sports games, concentrate on profit and not on user opinions?

Now i'm thinking maybe they got the name wrong. Except a few characters from Black Ops I maybe this should have been called Modern Warfare 4.

Black Ops 2 Release Date

This time we won't have to look pretty much or wait to long for a release date to be announced. We will only have to wait for the game to come out (if you are a fan of hi tech shooters). As Activision announced, Black Ops 2 will be available starting 11.13.2012.

Call of Duty is entering a gaming field that is owned by Crysis and onestly, with the graphics that Crysis has it's hard to beat that. Black Ops 2 getting released in november and four months after that Crysis 3 is coming out. I know you are thinking Crysis 3 would be a better alternative for hi tech first person shooter.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Trailer

Now that we covered all of that let's see the trailer:

Now a question: Should have been Black Ops 2 actually named Modern Warfare 4?

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