Ghost Recon 2

Written by luuk on 22 November 2009.

The game world is now a big name Tom Clancy. Who knows the successful franchises like Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon is not? In Splinter Cell is all about sneaking, but Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon are both tactical shooters. Where Rainbow Six takes place in cities and buildings look the Ghosts on the open nature. Similarly, in their second adventure.

Ghosts are super trained soldiers of the U.S. Army. They are dropped by a helicopter, stalking the enemy, move everyone out and then disappear silent. In Ghost Recon 2 you take the leader of a team of four Ghosts under your care, Scott Mitchell. He has always had a reputation for his people back home in one piece, but if there is a third world war to come with North Korea and Russia would ever change.
In 2011, North Korea remains a dictatorship. Kim Jong Il is dead and the country has no leader more. There is a great famine and the General Jung seizes power. All rescue the country he used to coming in to form a strong army, but his arms smugglers in Beijing, China are caught and the army without weapons. Then connect a general alliance with Russia, which the General's wish to support. A severe famine affects the North Korean people again and the whole army general gets owned. He gives China and the blame falls on the land. China sends his army North Korea but dares not to attack, because Russia has nuclear weapons. The help of international forces to invoke the border between North Korea and China to defend, but the Ghosts are sent out to the general finding and disabling and his army to shut down.
The 15 missions of the Ghosts by a frame story told. The Ghost Squad is a television program "Modern Heroes" and tell about their experiences in North Korea and thus the mission then you will play. So give them a little briefing and then you in the shoes of Captain Mitchell placed. A very original way of brief.
The campaign of Ghost Recon 2 will continue in various mission objectives, but you can loose the game as such mission in firefight, which you just have to kill everyone, or Recon, Mission, Lone Wolf and Defend play. In Lone Wolf you need a whole army by yourself off and there you have a gun superfuturische for your disposal. This can take over or hurdle and corner, and a gun camera in the helmet and then you see if you can establish yourself while you can not be touched. You can also invoke a bombing of a jet.

There are quite a number of changes to the first Ghost Recon. Thus the game became much fuller measure. You are with your squad and gets dropped immediately to hear that you should disable a machine gun post. If you have arrived there is that you expect from your one helicopter from the air gets to the machine gun and then you must hurry back because a bunker must be conquered. The pace is much higher and so is the game that unrealistic. The hardcore shooter fans are not so happy, but with Ubisoft Ghost Recon 2 is more towards the masses but this is certainly an improvement over the first part.
The schedule is out of play left. In Ghost Recon 1 was walking routes so you do plan on a map, but there is still only the card over to see where to go. Also in this section can only play with Captain Mitchell, you can no longer switch between soldiers and can not decide who goes into a mission and who not.
Besides, you control the game no longer entirely in first-person. If you just walk around look over the shoulder of Captain Mitchell in third person, but when you zoom in you can still be in first-person shooting. The third-person mode but gives you a better picture of the environment and the enemies you've even faster in the eye. Also, everything looks a lot better from the outside. 
Also it is a graphic and have changed over the first part. Everything just looks much nicer. The environments are bigger and sharper, the animations of the soldiers are perfect, the cutscenes very good and the Havoc engine 2 is used for realistic physics. One such enemy is very convincing death and sinks slowly into each other and has no transparent arms and legs suddenly through a wall to stabbing. When you shoot down a helicopter he runs hard first round because he's going to run with the rotor and then collapsed down into a breathtaking explosion. 
A small drawback is that all Koreans look the same pads, same dark green uniform and the same gray beanie. Also they all have one AK-47 but shooting the enemy is definitely not boring because you always different mission objectives and the environment will always be different.

The sound of the game is less good. The voice-acting is still good but the sounds of the weapons and explosions sound just like a little bad
all around with your gun to shoot you. The music in the game is good and do its part contributes to the atmosphere.

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