Are you ready to play ball?

Written by Brodie on 06 April 2012.

If you're one of those people who love sports AND gaming, and just wanted to combine the two together, this is the game you would get. Although the story isn't so great, (Since it's a game about sports, I'll be a little lenient), the amount of characters, fields, and how each and every one of them look great, this game deserves more attention than it originally got. Again, storywise, it's not so great. I give the story a 3/5.
Characters ranging from Mario, the head of the show, Bowser, the big bad turtle with the attitude to rule, to King K. Rool, the boss of a Donkey Kong game from yesteryears. 4/5.
Gameplay, as in graphics, realistics (lenience again, being as it is a Mario game), and the will to return to the game, 5/5.
Stadiumwise, 5/5. You have Mario's classic baseball stadium from Mario Baseball for the Gamecube, an addition of, my favorite, Luigi's mansion, from the game of the same title, also for the gamecube. Not to mention a stadium that actually matches Wario's personality, a high traffic city field (Not safe for humans.)
Altogether, one of my favorite Mario Spinoffs.
Overall 17/20.

Baseball that is. With Mario and his pals. Mario Super Sluggers slides into home plate with this game for the Wii.

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