Def Jam Vendetta Cheats(PS2)

Written by igcompany.


Cheat Codes

First Go The Fighters Section(For Characters), or the Stage Select(For Venues) and Hold L1,L2,R1,R2 and Enter One Of The Following Codes

Arii X,Square,Triangle,O,Square
Briggs (alternate costume) X, Triangle, O, Square, O
Briggs (alternate costume) X, Triangle, Square, X, O
Carla X, Square, X, X, X
Chukklez Square, Square, Triangle, X, O
Cruz O, Triangle, X, X, O
D-Mob Square, Triangle, O, X, O
D-Mob (alternate costume) Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Square
Dan G X, O, X, O, Square
Deebo O, O, X, X, Triangle
Deja O, Square, O, O, X
DMX O, X, O, Triangle, Square
Drake Triangle, Square, O, X, X
Drake (alternate costume) X, Triangle, Triangle, O, O
Funkmaster Flex O, Triangle, O, O, Square
Headache Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, O
House Triangle, X, Triangle, O, X
Iceberg Square, Triangle, O, Square, O
Ludacris O, O, O, Square, Triangle
Manny (alternate costume) O, Square, O, Square, O
Masa X, O, Triangle, Square, Square
Method Man Square, O, X, Triangle, O
Moses Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, X
N.O.R.E. O, Square, Triangle, X, O
Nyne Square, O, X, X, Triangle
Omar O, O, Square, Triangle, Triangle
Opal O, O, Square, Square, Triangle
Peewee X, X, Square, Triangle, Square
Peewee (alternate costume) X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, O
Penny X, X, X, Triangle, O
Pockets Triangle, Square, O, Square, X
Proof (alternate costume) X, Square, Triangle, Square, O
Razor (alternate costume) Triangle, Square, Triangle, O, X
Razor (alternate costume) Square, O, X, Triangle, Triangle
Redman O, O, Triangle, Square, X
Ruffneck X, Square, X, Triangle, O
Ruffneck (alternate costume) Square, O, Triangle, X, Squre
Scarface O, Square, X, Triangle, Square
Sketch Triangle, Triangle, O, Square, X
Snowman Triangle, Triangle, X, X, O
Spider (alternate costume) Square, Triangle, X, Square, O
Spider's 2nd Outfit Square, Triangle, X, Square, O
Spider's 3rd Outfit O, O, Square, X, Triangle
Steel X, Triangle, O, O, Triangle
T'ai O, O, Square, X, O
Tank (Alternate Costume) Triangle, Square, Circle, X, X
Unlocks Bounty Club X, Square, Square, O, O
Unlocks Club Luda O, Triangle, Square, X, Square
Unlocks Def Jam O, X, Square, X, Triangle
Unlocks Def Jam Vendetta Triangle, O, X, Square, Square
Unlocks Dragon House Triangle, X, Square, X, O
Unlocks Face Club After Hours Square, X, Square, Square, O
Unlocks Grimeyville Square, Square, Square, X, Square
Unlocks Junkyard X, Square, Square, X, Triangle
Unlocks Warehouse X, X, Square, X, Square
Zaheer Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, X

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