Dead to Rights Cheats(PS2)

Written by igcompany.



Enter all codes at the ''New Game'' Screen. Hold all the shoulder buttons when entering a code.

10,000 Bullets Mode Press Up, Left, Down, Right, Circle.
All Disarms Open Press Square twice, Circle twice, Right
All Enemies Disarmed Press Right, Square, Left, Circle, Triangle
All Headshot Kills Press Square, Square, Square, Down, Right.
Bang-bang Mode Press Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle
Can't Be Seen Press Triangle twice, Up twice, Triangle
Chow Yun Jack mode Press Triangle, Circle, Up three times
Double Melee Damage Press Circle, Circle, Up, Up, Square
Endless Adrenaline Press Left, Right, Left, Circle, Square
Endless Armor Press Up three times, Square, Down
Endless Health Press Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Right
Endless Human Shield Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square
Endless Shotgun Ammo Press Right, Circle three times, Square
Enemies are More Accurate Triangle, Square, Left twice, Circle
Harder Boiled Mode Oress Triangle, Square, Left, Left, Circle
Level Select Press Down, Left, Down, Triangle, Down
Master Code Press Down, Left, Down, Triangle, Down
One Shot Deaths Press Triangle, Circle three times, Left
Precursor Mode Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Up
Stronger Punches and Kicks Press Down, Cicle, Left three times
Woof!- Gives infinite Shadow stamina Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Down
Wussy Mode Press Square, Left, Triangle, Up, Down

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