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Uruguay-South Koreea Just finished

on Saturday, 26 June 2010. Posted in General

A few seconds ago Uruguay - South Koreea match finished. I can't believe i got the right final score (Uruguay 2-1 South Koreea). I could win a lot of money if i was betting. Now let's see if i get the USA - Ghana score right ( i don't think i will get this one right). If i will get this one right too then i might tell myself why i didn't bet? lol

Anyways it was a match played on a bad weather. It was raining hard and Suarez scored a wonderfull goal!

Suarez Uruguay Scored Against South Koreea

Knockout stage begins and so the show begins. Let's hope the  show will keep going!

Germany-Serbia FIFA World Cup 2010

on Friday, 18 June 2010. Posted in General

I know i didn't wrote for a while but i'm writing this article now. Germany plays with Serbia in the second match of the group D. Just watching this game right now and Germany's forward Klose has been sent off. And now Serbia has scored. It will be hard for Germany to win this match but anyway the first winning it's very important for them.

Another two matches will be playing next: England - Algeria (i predict an England winning by 2 goals)

and Slovenia - USA (i predict a draw 1-1).

Till now the World Cup has been a spectacular one, poor in goals but the games were entertaining.

blackjack had joined blogs! Let's welcome him and let's hope he will have a nice blog.

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Netherlands vs Denmark

on Monday, 14 June 2010. Posted in General

The match is about to begin. The first European duel is between Netherlands and Denmark. Two pretty evenly teams but Netherlands has the first chance beacause of the valuable players and the lately results and why not because the players may feel in South Africa like they feel at home. The hole stadium is orange and one of South Africa's languages is the dutch language because they where one of the first people to colonize the Cape Town.

Denmark beat Netherlands in the 1992 European Tournament semifinals and after that they won the trophy. So Netherlands needs to win this match to revenge. It would be great for Netherlands to win this match and then win the trophy.

Netherlands vs Denmark

Who will win? We'll see.

... and the quiet has covered South Africa again

on Sunday, 13 June 2010. Posted in General

Now that the matches had finished the quiet covered South Africa. This tournament makes South Africa come to life and all the people seems to think about the World Cup that is being played in SA.

The matches played were pretty spectacular. I liked the very much. Argentina played very nice but they didn't played at they max possibilities. A goal was enough to win and to achieve 3 points. The next matches will be (as the statistics say) even more easy. Argentina will have to play with South Koreea and Greece.

Greece loss with 2-0 the match against South Koreea considered the most accesible match for the greeks in this group.

England and USA had a pretty spectacular game. The most spectacular part was when the goalkeeper of England droped the ball and USA scored. Is not that cool to lose because of a mistake. But this is football. The tournament goes on and we wait till the traditional trompets from South Africa will be heard again on the stadiums.

The next matches will be: Algeria vs Slovenia (i predict a draw)

Germany vs Australia (i predict a Germany winning 1-0 maybe)

and Serbia vs Ghana (i predict a draw or a Serbia winning 1 or 2 - 0).