Jose Mourinho

on Sunday, 23 May 2010. Posted in General

Jose Mourinho. This briliant manager had made it to the top with some great big teams and now goes for even more!

The Final of the Champions League that his team had won with 2-0 seems to be the last match with him training Inter Milano. The bosses from Internazionale Milano and Real Madrid are saying that Mourinho will train from now on the team from Madrid.

A lot of fans(MisoSoup even if i don't like Mourinho's way of training i've got admit that you are right) are happy that Mourinho is going to Real and in my opinion with him as manager of this team they will be almost invincible. I can't believe what performances he could done with teams not that high rated (FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milano) all these teams got bigger with it's help.

Next chapter: Real Madrid!

PS: Hope that Barcelona won't dissapoint us.

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