Internazionale Milano had won the Champions League

on Sunday, 23 May 2010. Posted in General

I'm not a big fan of Internazionale Milano, actually i don't like this team at all (hey don't hate me) but i just saw that they have won the Champions League Final against Bayern Munchen.

I thought that the Final will be played somewhere later and i didn't watched it live. But as i saw from the statistics Inter made that "match" again as it done it with Barcelona when they kept all their players in their own side of the field. Bayern Munchen had 60% possesion but Inter Milano scored 2 goals.

Now they need to win the Clubs Tournament to be like Barcelona when they winned all the trophyes possible. (The Championship, The Cup, Champions League and the Clubs Tournament)

Inter Milano 2-0 Bayern Munchen

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