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on Thursday, 21 June 2012. Posted in General

Google Logo VS Facebook Logo

Maybe this comparison wouldn't even take place a few years ago. Back in the days when Google didn't even had a rival all the people where talking about Google and Google only.

But Facebook rised and because of the need the people have to socialise in an easy way, it reached number two and even the first place in some countries.

The comparison started to be made between two competitors for the first place but with different types of content.

And now we can make a direct comparison since Google launched for some while it's Google+ service. Of course Google still needs to work at this social network but they already have a few million registered users.

In my opinion Google will remain on the first place in most of the countries because by using Google you can find more important information and on Facebook friends, sooner or later, will start posting irrelevant content and you will still have to feed your need of information with Google.

Facebook has been listed one month ago on NASDAQ so they are one step closer from Google. At NASDAQ the difference between these two is huge!

Facebook stocks start at ~$29 and Google stocks start at ~$600. That's because Google it's way 'older' in the game.

Now i think the competition between the two will continue just because they offer what the people are looking for, they are revolutionarying the way people are socialising and getting information. So to compete with these two, another company must come with a pretty good ideea.

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