EURO 2012 - The Quarter-Finals

on Wednesday, 20 June 2012. Posted in General

So here we are. The group stage has finished and we know the countries that are going to play in the quarter-finals. We had an entertaining last group stage with amazing goals (that goal from Ibrahimovic last night was astonishing).

Some of the teams that have been eliminated in my opinion deserved to go through but this is football and that's how it's going on.

Ukraine last night also had a cancelled goal, if we can say so since the referee that has been right beside the net didn't even see it. England also had a dissaproved goal at the World Cup in 2010 against Germany but the one against them last night might have changed the way the game was going on.

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So tomorrow night we will have the Czech Republic playing against Portugal.

Germany vs Greece

England vs Italy

Spain vs France

The teams that i'm now thinking are Russia, Croatia and Ukraine. They all played great but didn't go through. In the quarter-finals the most balanced game i think will be England vs Italy but Spain vs France may be an interesting match as well. Now at a first look the final may be the same as the one at EURO 2008 - Germany vs Spain but until then there are two more stages and anything can happen. I hope for some entertaining matches and may the best teams play in the final on July 1st, 2012 in Kiev.

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