BattleForge™ Preview(PC)

Written by igcompany on 09 July 2010.

Game Info

Build the perfect army and lay waste to your foes in BattleForge, an amazing new fantasy Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game from developer Phenomic. Combining strategic cooperative battles, the community of MMO games, and trading card gameplay, BattleForge is set to take the RTS world by storm.

Unlike other RTS games, BattleForge players are free to put their creatures, spells and buildings into combination's they see fit. These units are represented in the form of digital cards from which you build your own unique army. With minimal resources and a custom tech tree to manage, the gameplay is unbelievably accessible and action-packed.


Journey to a fantasy realm where mortals are caught in a clash between gods and giants, and standing together is their only option. Command amazing creatures in battle while casting spells to sustain your forces or wreak havoc among your foes. Whether or not you triumph on the battlefield will depend on how you build your deck of digital cards and how you deploy them in the heat of combat.


Select a deck of 20 cards consisting of creatures, buildings, and spells. The cards represent your tools of war: units, buildings and spells that are conjured directly onto the battlefield. Assemble the perfect fighting force before the battle, choosing from your ever-increasing collection, and lead it into the battle. Rare cards open up completely new tactics for you. You can also buy boosters online, win cards in events and quests, and trade and auction cards online. Cards are organized into four different colored groups known as 'the Powers' and present players with different ways to play. More powerful cards have higher power costs (and thus take longer to play) so build your deck carefully to strike just the right balance and forge your victory. When your army is ready, head into battle with your friends, charge through a singleplayer campaign, or take on fellow players.

The Four Powers

Four powers determine the balance in the world of BattleForge. Each of these has its own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses that can carry the day depending on the conditions of the battlefield and game. Each also has a general theme. These are: Frost - Defensive; Fire - Aggressive; Nature - Control; and Shadow - Risk. Use the full array of spells, magical constructs and powerful units assigned to each to devise your strategy. Surprise your opponents with a perfectly armed fighting force - for every battle situation.


  • Epic campaigns in a war-torn fantasy world await you!
  • Defeat Legends in PvE and add them to your card collection.
  • Or challenge other players to a hard-fought PvP match to improve your ranking and win unique prizes!

The world of BattleForge never sleeps! You will always find new players in the BattleForge community and new challenges.

At regular intervals, new cards will be released, featuring original units and further tactical possibilities. Exciting campaigns and missions fill the world of BattleForge and will keep enriching its history over time. Play in teams of two or four players, or hurl yourself into epic battles with up to twelve participants. Share the objectives of the battle wisely among the team members to fulfill the mission. Who leads the attack, who secures the ramparts and who blocks the enemy's retreat? It's only by playing together that you can be victorious!


  • Use the forces of Fire, Frost, Nature, and Shadow to stake your ground and battle for survival.
  • Card-based gameplay makes BattleForge easy to pick up and play yet provides countless hours of challenges and strategic action.
  • Win, trade, auction, and buy cards online to create your ultimate deck and build the most powerful army possible.
  • Take full advantage of a wide range of community-based features including guilds and cooperative online battles with friends.
  • Wage epic warfare on 40 expansive, detailed maps.Fight for supremacy in intense player-vs.-player combat.Up to 12 players can team up for epic co-op quests and warfare on massive battlegrounds

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