Meet Daedelus, the upcoming next-gen indie!

Written by ShootBlood on 18 March 2014.

"Daedelus is the next AAA next-gen game", being produced by former Call of Duty and Tomb Raider developers!

All aboard!

Tangentlemen, the newly formed game studio is working on their very first game, it's going to be next-gen and has quite a few big names working on it:

- Richard Smith (art director) was formerly an Infinity Ward senior artist and has also worked on Titanfall's art.
- Cory Davis (lead designer) was the key creative force behind Spec Ops: The Line.
- Toby Gard (game director) helped create Lara Croft and launch the original Tomb Raider game, back in 1995.
- Five additional team members that have worked on Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z with Cory Davis and Toby Gard.

Toby Gard describes their new project as "an esoteric alliance of ancient game development aristocrats," and is hoping they got all the know-how needed to create an amazing next-gen AAA title, in which people will fall in love with.


What's Daedelus you say? Well, there's also a band named Daedelus, but they're not involved in this game at all. Daedelus will be "an existential horror trip into a surreal, half-forgotten dream".

The 15-man counting team at Tangentlemen has decided to abandon the AAA ship and continue using their talents to make the best possible indie games.

Richard Smith: 

"I was finding the structure of making big games to be too rigid and restrictive," he admitted. "There seems to be a problem with chasing after photorealism--it makes everything else about the game very myopic. By moving into an illustrative space, the look of the game can become a voice in its overall intent, rather than a limitation to that intent. It's indie games that understand this, and because of that, it's indie games that are really progressing in the art for of game making."

Cory Davis added:

"Starting a video game company has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, but this oppertunity is more than that, Tangentlemen Studio is made up of the developers that I respect the most in the entire industry. I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to join up with individuals that are at least as passionate, knowledeable, and experienced as I am to create the games that we all were born to create, in an environment where we have the freedom to do something truly unique, potent, and if we so desire, even risky."

Davis expects the full game reveal within the next several weeks, including screenshots and more game information.

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