Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Game Info(PS2)

Written by igcompany on 22 December 2011.

Game Information

Spread over three discs, featuring an advanced version of the original MGS3, a completely new online mode, the original two MSX Metal Gear games so you can see where it all started and a host of other options, this is simply a must have title.

Disc one holds the massively enhanced version of Hideo Kojima's acclaimed Snake Eater title. The familiar 'Camouflage Index' where Snake adapts his look to blend into the surroundings and the Close Quarters Combat fighting system both remain, but new to Subsistence however is a 3D camera feature. This allows players to view the action from virtually any angle they like, a technique that Kojima Productions will also be using in the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3. A demo theatre is also included on the disc where players can watch any of the game's fantastic cut-scenes.

The second disc takes the Metal Gear experience to a whole new level. The addition of the full online mode is the biggest feature, answering the requests of countless Metal Gear fans. Using the PS2's Network Adapter, up to eight players can compete online for the first time ever in a MG game. Online modes include 'Sneaking Missions', 'Capture Missions', 'Rescue Missions', 'Death Matches' and 'Team Death Matches', which will allow participants to battle against each other in real-time environments. New locations have also been created, including a Lost Forest, Killhouse and Ghost Factory.

A 'Duel Mode' enabling players to play through the timeless boss fights one after another is a new addition, while a 'Spoof theatre' shows the lighter side to the game with a series of amusing movies - including the return of Raiden! This disc also contains perfect replications of the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 games from 1987!

Game Facts
Genre: Action-Adventure
Release-Date: Out now
Players: 1-8 (Online)
Age Rating: Minimum Age: 15
  • Three disc special edition of MGS3
  • Awesome new online mode for up to eight players
  • Third disc contains a fantastic collection of in-game movies
  • All new 3D camera system never before seen in Metal Gear games
  • Original MSX Metal Gear titles added as bonus features

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