Medal of Honor Frontline Review

Written by Blackjack on 19 September 2009.

There are many games that take place against the backdrop of the Second World War, but there have been a lot less WWII games that really worth to play. But in the case of the Medal of Honor titles that Electronic Arts has so far released the games market, we can at least say that they are really worth.

Most of MoH Frontline takes place during one of the most audacious offensives of the Allies during the Second World War, namely Operation Market Garden. History connoisseurs will recall that during that infamous transaction allies defeated a little so the war on European soil have briefly went on. In Medal of Honor Frontline take on the role of Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson, who single-handedly trying to infiltrate the German frontline and mandated a prototype of the HO-IX to steal a jet that the war a very different and negative turn could give the benefit of the Nazis. Firepower alone is not enough for Patterson to get behind the enemy lines to get, because "stealth" (stealth) and sabotage are key elements to succeed in this shooter.

The MoH Frontline first mission, storming of Omaha Beach in Normandy by the Allied forces (think Saving Private Ryan) that is the legendary D-Day on June 6, 1944. In this opening level you find yourself as a soldier in a Barnes and small transport boat shows in the impressive intro movie many boats destroyed by German bombers, while a few moments later, just before reaching the coast your boat explodes, which Barnes and his fellow soldiers in the water ends up. Many Allied soldiers are still in the water affected by enemy fire, but Barnes and saves it gets later as the commander of his mission to four other fighters allied to the unbroken coast to bring the risk of losing his own life of course. This first mission throws you right in the middle of powerful artillery explosions, bombings and many with Nazi soldiers firing machine guns and by the time you reach your colleagues and looking for cover behind the seawall, you will have many perilous moments have passed. The opening level in Frontline fantastic way to move the tone for the rest of the game and shows fully to what the engine of this shooter in graphics and sound level in all state.

Also the multiplayer of this game is very intense and good! It got hours and hours of fun!'
With 4 players in splitscreen! (See below)

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