Wii Sports Cheats (Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 27 September 2009 07:07.

To activate the cheat you have to hold down the right pad.

Control Pad Up -             Blue Ball
Control Pad Right -             Gold Ball
Control Pad Left -             Red Ball
Control Pad Down -             Green Ball

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Cheats (Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 27 September 2009 06:59.

To enter the following cheats you need to press the d pad while you are in the game. You will hear a noise confirming that it worked.

Cheat Result
down, up, up, down, down, left, right,           -         down Fusion Power Always Four Stars

Medal of Honor Rising Sun Review

Written by Blackjack on Sunday, 20 September 2009 10:32.

On December 7, 1941, the American fleet in Pearl Harbor attacked by one of the most amazing military operations ever. Thousands of Japanese bombs found their target in the port. This conflicts directly with America in the Second World War. America did not in itself and turned against the attack. An interesting bit of history on which to base a game, so EA has also thought when told their new title Medal of Honor: Rising Sun were released

The game opens in spectacular fashion when the air raid siren goes off and nothing you can do when flights. Dressed in the body of Joseph Griffin you work your way through the ship looking for the exit. Banging pipes, fires and fierce look are lying around on your path. If you end up on the deck, you are overwhelmed with action all around you are sinking ships and the air is filled with Japanese fighter planes. With heavy artillery shoot you one to another enemy from the air. These first scenes were really overpowering, this kind of action you doing playing games.

When the Japanese were expelled America sends its troops from the attack to work. As a soldier in question off your trip to the Pacific, where the rest of the game will play away. Nice for once to do some different environments! For example, the Pacific a number of swamps, jungles, villages and bring you include a visit to Manila, Guadalcanal, and Singapore. In all, 8 different play levels that in turn consist of several missions.

The game also includes an online option! This option is quite simple in design but this certainly no less fun. You choose a room to play and you're ready to progress. The gameplay will not slow down because you 2 seconds after you're shot down again appears. The online option is not made for the hardcore gamer, but for everyone in between blasting a jar will do.

Besides the online bidding the game also features a multiplayer option. This is a Co-op mode that you and your friend can start attacking the enemy. Do you prefer an enemy with little more intelligence? Then there is the potential to play against each other to take.

Graphically, the game is acceptable for and does not in the previous sections. While the PS2 version here and there again in what has come to make it visually quite well in the paint.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep -Videos-

Written by KEIN on Sunday, 20 September 2009 02:06.

Terra gameplay

Ven Gameplay

*These videos do not belong to me nor did I upload them. Original videos are from user: 00Roxas00 on YouTube:

Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

Written by KEIN on Sunday, 20 September 2009 01:19.

Back when Square Enix announced this game I was skeptical since their try at a shooter was an abysmal Dirge of Cerberus. How would they do at a fighting game? At least in my opinion, pretty darn great!

When starting the game, the available Story at the start, the prologue starts off with the unnamed hero known as Warrior of Light coming to Cosmos`s rescue. After playing through what is basically a tutorial of the game, you are left to choose from the 10 Stories each character offers, you`ll only start with the heroes from their respective games. After clearing one of any story presented, you unlock Shade Impulse and take the fight to Chaos`s plane and to freedom.

~STORY~ [7/10]

The game`s story, in general, is subpar at best. Each character has lines from their respective games (or movies in Cloud`s sad case) which ends up being forced at times. The best story by far, in the game, was Tidus`s story. It felt like playing FFX al over again, which was a plus to me. The other stories feel forced, like if someone was forcing another to fight for the sake of fighting and tons of cheesy lines ranging from "Friendship owns all" to "My heart is stronger". The game is best enjoyed as the stories separate, not one in whole.


I`ll bite, for a PSP game, it looks damn good. Even better than Crisis Core in some level. Each character is presented with deadly accuracy as to their Art Designs and not necesarily game designs, for example, Terra`s game design was green haired, her art design was blond-ish. The Story itself is presented in a board game style, that mimic the current character`s stage/world. The stages are re-designed from the originals, while they all look fantastic, their designs, especially FF7`s, are awkward and meant to show off that your guy/gal can fly. SE is never one to phone in on graphics, and this is another proof of that.

~SOUND~ [10/10]

Perfect, simply perfect. From the amazing remixes SE did to each game`s memorable song, like FF7`s Boss Battle theme and the legendary One Winged Angel theme to Final Fantasy IX`s battle remix, amazing job by Square Enix. What surprised me the most, was the acting, the actors did a great job, Sephiroth`s evil, yet calm voice, Tidus`s hot willed attitude and Squall`s unending ego, a lot of lines are filled with emotion that screams good job!. The ones I didn`t like personally, were Cloud`s and Terra`s, Cloud sounds like a zombie and Terra sounds like a plushie doll when hit. Remember to wear earphones so you can listen to the awesome tracks in the game!


You start off with a set number of Brave Points. Those points are then used to damage your opponents. Hitting the Square button brings one of the character`s HP Attacks which deal damage according to the Brave you have. You gain brave by hitting the O button. In addition, by using Equipment and Leveling Up you can further customize you character, in addition, battle enhancers, or dubbed Summons can save you from a life or death situation. While in game, sometimes a white bell appears, this is the EX Core, by using them or picking up EX Force Orbs (obtainable by attacking opponent). While the EX Gauge is full, hitting R+Square puts you in EX Mode, an improved version of your character. Doing an HP attack while in EX Mode, will activate EX Burst, a finishing move that may deal massive damage to your opponent. The system works well, but the in game camera, especially in Pandemonium stage, is horrible, it won`t follow you or will get stuck when activating Pursuit Mode in closed spaces, which is a major problem and will lead to an uintentional loss. All in all, a very fun battle system that makes you come back for more. Multiplayer is limited to only Ad Hoc Mode, but is stable and rarely lags.


The game has loads of content and extras to unlock. The PP Catalogue contains everything from voice data, to player Icons for your Friend Card, to unlockable Music Tracks and basically everything available in game. A game that easily may take 100+ Hours to 100% completion.


SCORE: [9.5/10] - Excellent-



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