Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Cheats (PSP)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 18 October 2009 10:49.

Unlockable       How to unlock

Archer - Have someone with a level 5 bow mastery
Beast Tamer
- Successfully capture a monster
Chaos Soldier
- Finish the game once
- Perform a 500+ Geo Combo
Female Ninja
- Have someone with a level 5 fist and staff mastery
- Have someone with a level 5 gun mastery
Heavy Knight
- Have someone with a level 3 spear mastery
Magic Knight
- Have someone with a level 3 sword and staff mastery
Male Ninja
- Have someone with a level 5 fist and sword mastery
- Have someone with a level 5 sword mastery
- Someone in your party becomes a criminal

Black Wii-mote comes to America

Written by TwilightWolf on Friday, 16 October 2009 13:33.

The black (Kuro) Wii was already on sale in Japan, but now The black Wii-mote comes to America.
Are you bored of that white Wii-mote then this is something for you.


Image 1

The package will contain:
- black Wii-mote
- black wiimotionplus
- silicone sleeve for the Wii-mote and Wiimotionplus

You can get this package for $49.99 at November 16.
The Europian release date remains unkown.

PSP Go: A no no on MY list

Written by Sylvia on Saturday, 10 October 2009 03:28.

Warning: If you are a VERY bias gamer, I welcome you to this article. Sony fans are welcomed also. The PSP Go........hmmmm....great idea but there is one MAJOR problem:

NO UMD DISKS!!! Come on an all digital system? I can't live with that. There were some AWESOME PSP 3000 games that were released and 50 more on the way. i'm talking games like the old GTA's Resistance Retribution, Star Wars Battlefront. STUFF Like THAT. Besides, ever since I payed a trip to the playstation store? HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PRICES??!?!?!? AMAZING! 40 dollars for a 4 year old Avatar game. I am not lying buddy. On top of that the console is 250 dollars, I can buy 2 Nintendo Ds's and two basic flat panel 19 inch televisions, 2 iPhone 3g's, an Xbox Elte, a Wii with 6 new games, a 250 gig external harddrive, and plenty more. Also, on the PSP 3000 there was a designated input on the bottom of the system to plug in a cable that connects to the television. The PSP Go does not include that. Next to mention is that the USB input is not the same input you would use for your old PSP.The PSP go has a TOTALLY  different input so you have to track down and cough up an extra $20. (sad face)

Now I have made a list of the good things about the system



  • built in bluetooth
  • a playstation 3 interface
  • an SD card slot
  • 16 gigs built in
  • small, light and portable
  • nice graphics
  • heard the web browser was sweet
  • gta chinatown wars is next and so is resistance, motor storm, and LBP
  • I ALSO heard that new games will be released on the playstation sore before they hit UMD's
  • co-op with the PSP 3000 is simple
  • 2.0 headphones

you are able to play game demos


All of that for 250 bucks sorry Sony but I will just buy a new PSP 3000. I'm not prepared for all digital gaming and 250? what a rip.


Before you totally disagree with me these are FACTS. Later.

First Look: Epic Mickey

Written by Saky G on Wednesday, 07 October 2009 03:29.

After countless rumors, the fabled Epic Mickey has finally been confirmed.

Hit the jump to find out more about Mickey's mysterious new adventure.


WII Fit Plus and the Nintendo Wii Price drop

Written by Sylvia on Tuesday, 06 October 2009 01:57.

WHAT?!?!??!?!?! I didn't believe it until I walked in Game Stop the other day and the clerk recommended I buy the $199 console with the game. It actually is a pretty good deal even though I am not a Wii fan. The price of the console before was breaching over $250. It came with the console itself and the popular "wii sports". Now with this new bundle going on is staring my personal theory to get even MORE sense. Are Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft starting another console war? but this time the 3 companies will square off head to head on their most prized gaming products on the "Most Price - Dropped Game System". Heck, it could set up a world record. But of course big time companies like them are too busy to listen what a teenager on a blog is saying. Wii Fit Plus, never was something I smiled to kindly on. I had alot of personal contriversey against it. Because basically who exactly in the right mind of all self need would spend $100 on a piece of white plastic where one stands on to have a video game make fun of their physical weight? Now I am NOT trying to offend anyone, but merely expressing my opinion to who ever may be reading this. Now you can go on and buy the console game bundle yourself and try to understand my logic. The "Plus" part of the game's title must give us all a clue that this game includes newer editions to "Wii Fit" it must include new jogging maps or something but do not take my word for it, talk to a "Wii Fit expert" or a gaming critic. Well I'm about done on this topic so in general:



:) have fun "wii - ing"

by the way.....NO PICTURE!!!



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