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All the excitement of a prime-time TV game show in your very own living room! With MR. POTATO HEAD as your host, you are guaranteed to have a thrilling night of family friendly fun.

HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT Volume 2 lets up to four players become contestants with a wide variety of fun and engaging party games.

Win and collect parts for the coveted Golden Potato to become the ultimate game show champion!


Sequel to the award winning HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT.

Play classic and all-new versions of your favourite Hasbro games (OPERATION, JENGA, BOP-IT, CONNECT 4x4, PICTUREKA)

Play with your Nintendo Mii in the Hasbro Family Game Show!

Customise MR. POTATO HEAD and earn new themes and trophies.

Friendly multi-player fun for up to four players.

SEGA Rally Preview

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The legend of Rally games is back as SEGA Rally motors onto next-generation consoles this autumn promising to push the boundaries of the Rally genre to a new level. A true next-gen game, SEGA Rally looks and plays better than ever offering fans bumper-to-bumper, heart stopping, and adrenalin pumping action sure to induce a grin to player's faces.

Developed by SEGA's own Racing Studio, a handpicked team made up of the cream of the industry's racing development talent, the return of the king of arcade rally games promises to set a new precedent on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

SEGA Rally retains the looping courses of its predecessors rather than the customary point-to-point of many other titles. This, amongst other features, helps to ensure close competitive race action with rival cars all vying to be first over the finishing line to pick up the most points.

With over 30 licensed high performance cars to race across a multitude of rich, vibrant and exotic environments, finding the right car for the right surface can put you one step ahead of the opposition.

Accessible and realistic car handling guarantees a fun and rewarding experience as the signature SEGA Rally power slides are still a feature.

Each environment is based in a colourful, exotic location, with each track full of charm and character mimicking varied environments from around the globe. Surfaces vary from course to course, and the track deformation feature ensures that each surface cuts up and ruts differently making each surface a challenge to master.

The circuits will feature an interactive environment incorporating surface deformation and smashable scenery, which will cause the experience to vary each lap.

As the race goes on, your car will get muddier and dirtier, with trips through the water cleaning your chassis off again. Don't get caught behind your opponent on a dusty track, your visibility becomes impaired, which makes taking that next corner perfectly all the harder.

The result is a dynamic, multi-layered, game structure that produces an exponentially huge number of game play possibilities, creating a game that at heart is a serious and rewarding driving game, but with the game play sensibilities and fun of an Arcade Racer.

SEGA Rally - It's back!

Six Beautiful Environments:
Pushing technology to the very limits, SEGA Rally shines as one of the most beautiful modern day racing games around. Radiating a pure 'SEGA' look and feel, players will be able to race through a selection of stunning environments including Tropical, Alpine and Canyon settings. Players will discover that each environment holds a varying amount of looping tracks, each with their own distinct set of features to push them to the limit.

Advanced Track Deformation:
Fully deformable track surfaces ensure no two laps, let alone a race, will be the same. For the first time ever players can experience the thrills of racing across surfaces that evolve and change depending on where they and their opponents' wheels drive, power-slide and grip. Players will learn the skills needed to get the most out of the tracks and use the deformation to their favour in this unique racing experience.

30+ Hand Selected Vehicles:
A selection of hand picked vehicles to whet the appetite of even the most ardent rally fan, mixed in with some very surprising and exciting inclusions. Players will have to experiment with different cars and tyres to find the right combination for the right tracks to work their way to the top of the SEGA Rally Championship.

Four Different Game Modes:
Championship, Time Attack, Multiplayer and Quick Race are available for players to dive into and show off their racing skills.

Championship - Within the Championship Mode are three different vehicle class championships. Players begin with access to only the Premier Championship and must unlock the others. Each vehicle class championship contains three leagues with only the first being available at the start. Players do not need to complete and win every event to unlock further classes and championships; they'll only need to acquire enough points to progress. Players can revisit tricky tracks once they've honed their skills and for those players who do complete every event they will be rewarded with exciting bonuses and secrets.

Offline Multiplayer - Within the Offline Multiplayer mode players can easily race friends Head to Head using the split-screen option.

Quick Race - Allows players to immediately jump into the action. They can select any of the cars or levels they've unlocked to race in and can setup the race options to their preference.

Nintendo DSi XL Information

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Nintendo will now be releasing a much larger version of it's DSi handheld device. With 4.25 inch dual screens, Nintendo has kept in mind that the device will be easy on the eyes. For 20,000 yen, the device will be released in Japan on November 21st, 2009. There is no information on a North America release date yet.              Although the system is going to be larger than the current DSi , the basic features and functions will not change. In Europe, the system will launch in the first quarter of 2010. More information of the system itself will come out soon.


New Super Mario Bros.(Wii) Preview

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It sold millions on the DS, now it is the Nintendo Wii's turn. As of November 11th 2009, Nintendo will officially release the game for it's Wii. In 2006, NSMB rocked the DS lite and sold millions world wide. But that alone did not assure its prestige condition. 20 years ago The first Super Mario Brothers game was released by Nintendo, for Nintendo, and exclusively on Nintendo. It did so well that Mario and Luigi took the Gamers world by storm and rode Nintendo to success world wide.


In the Summer of 2009 at the E3 convention Designers took the crowd to a first look at the game itself and gave them a live on take of it. Its D - Pad like controls are used and was a good idea when the system was first released. New features are a big plus. Now up to 4 players can play on 1 level, new areas and maps are included, and the gameplay has been modified to fit the Nintendo Wii's style.

All together this is a MUST GET NO JOKE. If you own a wii, had a wii, broke a Wii, gonna buy a wii., you have to get it. If you are a Mario and Luigi fan, no one is stopping you cough up $50 and its yours.

PSPGo Struggling - About 1,000 Units Sold

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The Critics Were Right, Sony Has Dropped The Ball With It's Latest Handheld

According to Australian retailers, the PSPGo has sold under 1,000 units since it's release a couple of weeks ago. How did Sony respond?

Read More to find out

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